Team Activity on Jan.2021

2022.03.07   Author:oboya

Many of us at Oboya Horticulture Industries spend most of our day in our workplaces. That you thrive together with your work colleagues and in the environment you work in is incredibly important to us as a company. It is therefore extra important to work to strengthen cohesion and the ability to work together in the working group. Therefore, during the year 2021, we have invested in gathering our employees on occasions to strengthen cohesion. During these occasions, we did different team activities, where everyone was divided into three different groups, and the teams that collected the most points won. The most popular activity was the Curling Championship.

Through various team activities such as conferences or kick-offs, the relationship between colleagues is strengthened and the team spirit is boosted. We want you as an employee at Oboya Horticulture Industries to feel motivated and inspired by your team every day you come to work.

Team Activity on Jan.2021(图1)

Team Activity on Jan.2021(图2)

Team Activity on Jan.2021(图3)

Team Activity on Jan.2021(图4)


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