Talent strategy

Oboya believes that everybody in Oboya is valuable to the company. Each position is worthy of respect, and each profession is awesome. Oboya respects every employee, does not underestimate the development potential of each employee and values each employee's future development, believing that everyone can grow into a professional "general manager".
OBoya will keep a close watch on the physical and mental health and professional development of each employee. At the same time, all the staff of Oboya will continue to learn and grow. Only with such an interaction going forward can individuals and groups continue to grow and develop to create greater value for the customers and society.

Salary and Welfare

Salary and Welfare: 2 days off one week( Saturday and Sunday, except the production position)8 hours per day, 5 kinds of insurance and 1 kind of fund.Many kinds of subsidies, for example, Seniority allowance, telephone allowance, meal allowanceShuttle bus.Holiday welfare for Mid-autumn Festival, Spring Festival and Women Festival and other festivalsColorful employee activities and training.

Talent Recruitment

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