IPM Shanghai expo

2022.03.09   Author:oboya

During the year 2021 in April, we at Oboya Holticuture Industries participated in Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai which is organized by the China Flower Association in close collaboration with Shanghai intex Exhibition and China great wall. The exhibition has existed sincep 1998 and is the largest fair in the flower and garden industry, but also a very good platform for international trade and communication in the industry. As Asia's leading trade fair, it covered 40,000 square meters with almost 700 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions in a professional exhibition environment. 

For us, it is important to participate in Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai because it gives us opportunities to enter the huge Chinese floral market that is currently opening up and increasing its exports to other countries. It has also improved the conditions for entrepreneurs and thus gives us the chance to create global and multilateral contacts such as suppliers of greenhouse materials.

We are convinced that this gives us an opening to the global market, which benefits the development of new business opportunities. Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai also offers a very accurate and excellent service in all aspects of the exhibition. For us, it is important to be able to showcase our wide range of high-quality products and services for flowers, plants, seed cultivation,harvesting, processing, packaging, transport, exhibition sales and the home terminal industry chain. Our products have received unanimous recognition from the market and the industry in just 3 days,where they have made many deep contacts with both new and existing customers and reached the preliminary importance of cooperation with well-known plant companies.

IPM Shanghai expo(图1)

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