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Release time:2015-09-10  Browse:1842
Date: September 10~13,2015
Site:Yinchuan international convention and exhibition center•Ningxia •China
E:T44 Booth:E : T44
Oboya horticulture industry is registered in Hong Kong. It is an international group company integrating manufacturing, research and development and sales.The group's sales companies are located in Holland, northern Europe, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada, the United States and China.The products are sold to the global market of major flowers and plants and professional services in the global flower plant industry chain.
According to plant flowers the industrial chain of the industry, the deterioration of the group's products are divided into flowers plant harvest and finishing equipment, logistics vehicles, packing sack of (such as sheet, coil, paper packaging materials), stores and within the flower shop display equipment, supermarket shelves, etc.O 'boya horticulture industry is becoming an indispensable partner in the global floral plant industry chain, which will provide the most passionate service to all the obla people.