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IPM international plant exhibition 2016 Germany

Release time:2017-10-26  Browse:1876
Essen, Germany IPM international plant exhibition (2016), jan 26-29, the opening, this is the world's biggest horticultural plants exhibition, exhibition area of 200000 square meters, from more than 100 countries in more than 1500 well-known enterprises, covering all of horticulture industry products, many enterprises in China to IPM exhibition participating this year, rate of wujiang river, chairman of the cuny and horticultural industry company and the deterioration of overseas companies also came to the exhibition booth.
Exhibition time: January 26, 2016 - January 29, 2016 Date: January 26 ~ 2016
Venue: Essen Exhibition Center, Germany
Organizer: Essen Exhibition Co., Ltd., Germany
Exhibition is introduced: Germany Essen international plants, flowers, gardening technology and marketing professional exhibition (IPM), is the world's big scale, highest level, one of influential international plant professional exhibitions, by 2012 the exhibition has 30 years of history, content involves the plant cultivation, technical equipment, flower art, horticultural suppliers to customer sales several themes, occupies a pivotal position in the international botanical garden arts.
From nearly 50 countries in 2015, more than 1500 well-known international companies and exhibitors in the area of 150000 square meters exhibition hall shows its new plant varieties, gardening techniques, flower art works, etc., and has the world famous designer live performance.More than 60,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries were attracted to the purchase, and more than 74 percent of them were senior decision-makers in the field.According to European gardening association and the exhibition, exhibitors and buyers every year, about 85% of the trade contract and purchase agreement signed in the exhibition scene, the exhibition is the most important trade international horticultural plant kingdom Bridges.
Every day the booth of the company received a large number of merchants to negotiate business, the deterioration of gardening Wang Changlin industrial co., LTD., general manager and the cuny hai-feng wu, general manager of the trading company, overseas clients to visit the fair of respectively.Many of the domestic exhibitors and visitors came to visit obla.
Oboya horticulture gardening industry co., LTD is a international company in Sweden Stockholm stock exchange, stock code for SE0006259834, stock abbreviation: oboya B, the company is the world's flowers, plants, system supporting service providers, growth of seedlings, flowers, plants, harvesting, processing, packaging, handling transport, display terminal sales, family the whole industry chain to provide products and services.The company has the production and sales companies that cover the flowers and plant industry chain.In China Qingdao, kunming, Poland, Kenya have different product line production and manufacturing companies, in Norway, Denmark has sales companies.There are sales organizations in Qingdao, kunming, Shanghai and guangzhou.Relying on online mall and e-commerce at the same time, promoting Internet + and family gardening business, set design, production, installation, plant, materials, Internet + to make the deterioration of gardening industry ecosystem industry chain to be more perfect and competitive.