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Hold hands with the Half Marathon to win the future

Release time:2017-10-26  Browse:2087

At the end of may, when the interior began to feel the warmth of the sun, the weather in Qingdao was cool.In the early morning of May 29, 2017, a brilliant runner team of Oboya appeared in the half-marathon on the west coast new area of Qingdao, and 39 participants walked to the track with their firm steps.

After the starting gun, the event immediately turned into the ten thousand carnival Party,the Oboya ran group waved flags with cheers and cries out for themselves and their side team to encourage them and the chant is blended among them, towards the future.

During the run, they help each other, unite, and confidently move forward in the same direction.At that moment, everybody ran lightsome, close to nature, feel the blue sky of outdoor, also feeling the deterioration and spirit, and the persistence of the travel experience on the road and collaboration, sharing, chorus team has reach the goal of good honor.At the end of the run, the staff fully felt the sincere care and encouragement of Oboya, not only enhanced the fitness awareness, but also devoted to the work with full enthusiasm.

No frontier, no domain.Oboya hold hands with the west coast Half Marathon which is not only a simple run, but also a culture, a kind of spirit and a concept of transfer. Oboya will run all the way beyond themselves to win the future!